Cognitive thinking


A cloud based AI Engine


Putting Artificial Intelligence & Data Science to work

  • Artru employs proprietary state-of-the-art Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning & AI technology.
  • Understands natural language and human style communication Generates and evaluates evidence based hypothesis.
  • Artru like humans, know how to apply context, fill in the gaps, resolve ambiguity and uncertainty and accurately interpret language Uses combination of supervised and unsupervised learning; similar to human beings.

Artru has opened up a world of new possibilities

Artru has the potential to transform how industries and individuals interact and make every day decisions.

  • artru-technology Healthcare
  • artru-technology Banking / Financial Services
  • artru-technology Media &
  • artru-technology TechOps
  • artru-technology Internet of
  • artru-technology Travel &
  • artru-technology Retail & Supply Chain Management
  • artru-technology Legal

Empowering the new

Healthcare ecosystem

Healthcare industry finds itself on the threshold of a new era in which key stakeholders, empowered by
technology, are breaking down barriers and redefining what’s possible in medical care.

Find out how Artru is shaping this new healthcare ecosystem.


By design, characteristics
of human intelligence are
converted into algorithms,
fed into Artru and used
for accomplishing
numerous tasks.

Solutions for healthcare landscape


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